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As we are constantly working to provide you with the best fashion production solutions. We offer competitive prices designed to meet the needs of our growing list of designers and suppliers. Give us a call or drop us an email and we will gladly discuss your requirements in more detail and quote you accordingly.

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How It Works

THE CFAC (Connecting your Fashion Creativity) SYSTEM

Our user friendly CFAC system is really that easy to use.


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Step 2

Upload you project requirements and files into our simple to use form.


Step 3

We’ll verify your project requirements, then issue you with the approximate cost and delivery time.


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Once you confirm your project requirements by submitting your agreed deposit, we will get cracking!


Step 5

We deliver your completed project!!

Our Story

“I Begin With An Idea, Then It Becomes Something Else.” – Pablo Picasso

The above quote by the great Spanish artist Picasso summarizes the story of how Kompargo came to be.

My name is Chinedu Iheagwam, and I’m the proud founder of Kompargo. The journey started after I discovered my passion for finding stylish, well-constructed and yet affordable luxury African womenswear, so after creating my brand, I decided to name it Magenta Flair. My main goal for establishing Magenta Flair was to serve fashion-conscious women who appreciate African inspired clothing as well as professional seam finishing that lasts.

After creating and establishing my collection, my passion for the fashion industry began to grow and broaden into other areas including supplier management, manufacturing, mentoring, and much more.

In fact, I did everything right – except in designing the garments! It was after this ‘aha’ moment that I realized that my strengths are more project management/engineering/business focused, and less design orientated.

It wasn’t until an opportunity came up for me to work at a fashion studio for about a year, and it was there I encountered so many designers who needed help navigating the production/manufacturing minefield. It dawned on me that there was a gap in the creative process that needed solving, and as I have a unique understanding and experience of both worlds, I began to question how I could help bring a solution to this problem by connecting fashion designers with the production world – and thus the Kompargo concept, which in Picasso’s words began with one idea and became something else, was born!

After deriving the name Kompargo from a play on the Latin word for ‘Connection,’ it became flexible and easy for me to define my primary goal to the community as it was clear that what I want to do is “Connect Your Fashion Creativity!”

You can view the Magenta Flair Collection here