Pattern Cutting : We are highly creative in crafting the perfect patterns to express your designs. Whether it’s pattern cutting, block patterns or digitized patterns, we can provide all your pattern cutting needs for the building blocks of your collection. With extensive knowledge and expertise in all facets of the fashion industry, you can be rest assured that your patterns are created accurately and professionally to save you time and money.

Toiles : Creating your toile, we ensure that all parts of the garment measure out correctly, fitting well in each part of the body as intended. We don’t seal the sample until we’ve double checked to ensure that the fit of your patterns and silhouette are perfected.

Sealed Samples : Working from your patterns and toiles from earlier stages, we’ll create patterns that transition to manufacturing with ease. We’ll also ensure our production teams have that understanding of your fabric type, enabling them to execute the process accurately first time.

Grading :We work with you to create industry-specific or custom grading charts for your collection range. Whether you need men’s, women’s, plus size and children’s grading, our experienced pattern graders will ensure 100% accuracy to give you the desired result. We also have the expertise in creating paper or digitized patterns.

Lay plans :We take proper care to create a lay plan that is highly effective in helping you with your costings whilst saving fabric. It all starts with measuring the entire fabric and calculating the amount required to produce your custom style

Fabric Sourcing : Unlike our competitors, we take great pride in your wellness and relaxation by saving you time spent in market research. In a bid to make your life easier, we explore the industry to handpick the finest material that resonates well with your brand’s personality. From top quality cotton, leathers, wools, silks to synthetic fabrics, we can provide all at reasonable prices. We can also arrange for special fabric treatments including dyeing, printing, embossing, and embroidery.

Trimmings Sourcing :We combine quality with innovation to source custom buttons, fusing, labelling, and other hardware, using well-known brands including YKK (zips) and Gütermann (threads).

Collections : Our ultimate goal as always been to support your dreams to allow you start up and grow your label. Whether you’re testing your market with minimums, re-stocking for direct online sales, or you’re fulfilling an order docket, whether you desire to manufacture in the UK or overseas, we’ve got you covered!